VAM: Visual Arts Masters is a group of Professional Photographers and Videographers who offer services to the performing arts industry. VAM is proudly affiliated with the Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) international student ballet and contemporary dance competition, Orange County Ballet Theatre, New Jersey Ballet, Downtown Dance Factory and Greenwich Conservatory of Classical Ballet, Ellison Ballet.

The International Ballet and Contemporary Dance Competition, Domenico Modugno, in Lecce, Italy is the first and the only event of this kind in the area. Held in the beautiful baroque style city of Lecce at one of the most beautiful and culturally significant centers of Southern Italy, it's aim is to promote, stimulate, and encourage young talents in the discipline of dance and choreography. The main purpose of the event is to create opportunities for the young dancers to “network”, to see and to be seen by their peers, teachers, schools’ and companies’ directors, and of course, the audiences. Connections made under such circumstances inevitably result in generous and even career altering offers of scholarships and jobs.


IBCDC Domenico Modugno 2018 GALA $55.00 Details