VAM: Visual Arts Masters is a group of Professional Photographers and Videographers who offer services to the performing arts industry. VAM was proudly affiliated with the Youth America Grand Prix, World Ballet Competition, VK IBC, Orange County Ballet Theatre, New Jersey Ballet, Downtown Dance Factory, Greenwich Conservatory of Classical Ballet, Ellison Ballet.

Valentina Kozlova International Ballet Competition (VKIBC)

The Valentina Kozlova International Ballet Competition was born from a desire to give young dancers a platform to compete in a fair, unpolitical forum. Dancers ranging from age 9 in the Pre Youth Division, through professionals to the age of 26 in the Senior Division assemble for several days of competition. Valentina Kozlova has vast experience as a competitor, renowned coach and international judge. She understands the conflicts and demands put before both judge and dancer. On average, dancers from over 25 countries enter every year. Participation at VIKBC helps these young competitors in a myriad of ways, from learning more about how various classical variations are performed to winning a scholarship or contract, gaining more exposure, or simply see how they compare to their peers. Competitors are able to achieve these and many other goals during the week of professional, supportive and exciting competition.