VAM: Visual Arts Masters is a group of Professional Photographers and Videographers who offer services to the performing arts industry. VAM is proudly affiliated with the Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) international student ballet and contemporary dance competition, Orange County Ballet Theatre, New Jersey Ballet, Downtown Dance Factory and Greenwich Conservatory of Classical Ballet, Ellison Ballet.


The World Ballet Competition's (WBC) goal is to achieve and encourage excellence in the art of dance. We bring together competitors from around the world, from ages 10 to 22, and of all levels of experience from introductory to professional.

The World Ballet Competition aims to establish the first international dance platform in Orlando, Florida; attracting leading celebrities from the global entertainment industry while acknowledging and rewarding the future generations of eminent artistic talent worldwide. This annual event will be attended by major international dance critics and will be broadcast to all participating countries with a combined global internet and television audience of millions.

The World Ballet Competition is now in its sixth year of existence and is going strong due to its unbelievable support, participation and quality.